Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rain water

Now it is raining all the time here. Grey damp air clings to the trees and houses day after day. Greyness somehow makes the world seem confined. Everything shrinks and loses colours.

I step outside to find out how chilly and unwelcoming it is. Wet wind makes me shudder. Raindrops reach my face and linger on my skin. They roll down as if they were tears running out of my eyes. Eventually they touch my lips and give the idea of rain water taste. Unsalty. Unlike tears. Raindrops just can pretend to be tears. It is as if I was crying for you, but with raindrops instead of real tears.

Fake tears are all what is left. I won't cry. I have found my comfort and steadiness in the constant motion. I hold my feet tight on the ground and my grip over my destiny. Even nasty ever-lasting rain is powerless to bring down the determination.

Despite the long-desired balance I realize how much I miss you. I discover this fact standing beneath the grey sky falling down. I miss you, but I don't need you. I repeat “I-don’t-need-you” enchantment countless times, hoping it will eventually sound like truth.

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